News of Arrival of Stork

One of the happiest moments in the life of a woman is when she finds out that she is pregnant. The entire family rejoices in her happiness and starts to prepare for the arrival of the new member of the family. Whether it is an accidental pregnancy or one where you have been eagerly waiting to get pregnant, you cannot beat the happiness and joy that comes with the confirmation that announces to the world that a small bundle of joy is on

So when and how do find out that you are pregnant? Feeling heavy, early morningsnausea, aversion to some smells are some signs. You might feel extremely tired and sleepy. You might crave or hate some strong smelling foods. You might gain or lose weight. But the real sign is when you miss a period and then you know that a little one might be arriving soon. If you have been sexually active, whether or not using preventive methods, there is always a chance that you might be pregnant. No preventive method is 100% secure. 

So that's the time you take a pregnancy test and confirm the signs. It is better to do the test as soon as you feel any of the symptoms given above especially if you are sexually active. This is helpful in many ways. A confirmed positive result helps you to decide the future course of action. You need to change your health regime, eating pattern and work schedule to make it healthier in order to have a healthy full term pregnancy.

You do not want any complications along the way. The commonly available tests work on the basis of detection of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine. This hormone is secreted only once the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This process leads to the secretion of HCG and the menstruation process also stops. You can wait for some time though as tests done too early, even before the hormone has had a chance to kick in, may not be accurate.

These tests are very simple to use at home in the privacy of your home, without any embarrassment. These test kits are available over the counter in your friendly neighbourhood stores and pharmacies. They depict all the instructions clearly in the enclosed pamphlets. It involves using just a few drops of your urine on a test strip and then wait for a few moments. The instructions on some tests claim that they can detect the minutest amounts of this hormone in the urine, even before you miss a period but the results may not be very accurate.

Medically endorsed test strips are very accurate. But do check its manufacturing date and use by date and above all, follow the instructions carefully. The test kits are fairly inexpensive. There are older women who swear by traditional and off beat tests to check a pregnancy. These involve use of sugar, wine, and bleach and dandelions etc. These things are easily available at home.

Some people like to do these home tests just for fun. At other times they do it to check once before going to a health professional for diagnosis. The ingredients are cheap and the fun factor is there. Women always like this combination of mystery and comfort. So some do use these ‘do-it-yourself’ pregnancy test ideas.

One thing is for sure, if you are alone at home and can’t go out to get a pregnancy test kit then there is no harm in trying any of these ideas at home. Whatever the tests that you use, take utmost care in selecting the process and its ingredients. You would not like to harm yourself in anyway by using any harmful substance or its improper use. Some of these ingredients like bleach may not be safe for use.

Last but the most significant step is to go to a medical professional to confirm your pregnancy. The process may involve another strip test, blood test, internal check up by a gynaecologist and sonography or ultra sound after some time. It does make sense to use the safest and the most accurate method of pregnancy test.